Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Days, Just TWO DAYS!!!

We are two days away from the official start to our 2010 season and I’m so excited. I’ve been on this constant buzz since I woke up Monday morning. I could do without all the anxious energy, makes sleeping a little difficult, but it’s a feeling that I wouldn’t change for the world. I am SO PROUD (insert the emotions from ISU Head Football Coach, Paul Rhoads’, victory speech after beating Nebraska at Lincoln in the 2009 season…”I am so proud, I am so proud…) of our football team.
We have been working our butts off since the beginning of January. Watching this transformation take place has been an inspiration. Looking at these women, we are all from different walks of life, become a family in this short amount of time….AWESOME is the only word I can use to describe what I’ve been fortunate enough to witness.
We have put our sweat, tears, and yes, even blood into this sport. Pushing ourselves both physically and mentally the past four months and it’s all about to unfold. This is the portion of writing a blog that becomes difficult for me. It’s impossible for me to accurately depict to you, the reader, what it’s like for us as a team when things click. All of a sudden you look around on the field. You see the player on your right, the player on your left, and all synapses are firing. That players block, or that players drop, our the route your receiver ran, it flows and creates this beautiful living chess match. I realize that might sound over the top but for me, personally, it’s what I see and how I feel.
We’ve only been playing football for an extremely short period of time. We didn’t grow up playing in the pee wee leagues or in high school. Half of us only threw a football around at a family tailgate when we were younger. Yet, here we are. One of the highest ranked women’s football teams in the WFA and we’re from Iowa. I’d say we have plenty to be proud of. It’s my great honor to introduce the 2010 Iowa Thunder Women’s football team. I hope you enjoy our photos and check out our player bio’s as the season continues. More pictures can be seen at!

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