Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keeping Our Heads Up!

The Iowa Thunder are coming off a tough home lose to the defending WFA National Champions, the St. Louis Slam. Here’s a stat for you sports fans…we scored 14 points against the WFA defending NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! That hasn’t happened to them a whole lot in the past two seasons.
I'm proud that we continued to play together as a team when our spirits could have been broken. We took a beating but we never stopped getting back up. This type of opportunity allows us to learn so much about the game of football. We haven’t been playing together for nine years, we’re a newer organization in the league and we will get there someday.
We had great moments of success on both offense and defense. The Thunder defense held several scoring drives made by the SLAM. Resulting in multiple punts by both teams. The Thunder offense ran a couple new formations which allowed players to work on blocking and timing. I hope you will all take a look at the link tab at http://www.iowathunderfootball.com/ check out the WFA website and see some of the amazing things we’re doing throughout the league.

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